Zero Gravity Flotation Bathtub

What a revolution in the field of technology that this bathtub has been designed to give a zero-gravity experience? ToTo’s unique and exquisite range of smart bathroom products is all about ingenuity at its best.

This bathtub has been designed keeping in mind the bathers should experience a total weightlessness. It would soothe your senses and can give a very calming effect while you soak yourself in this tub of divine joy.

This approximate $20K bathtub is designed to mimic zero gravity, giving you the feeling of floating in space. It has a panel on the inside where you can turn on the LED light panel which will glow your bottom side outside of the bathtub. This tub also has a built in adjustable pillow that also has integrated faucet, so to bring the water around the neck for a more relaxing experience.

Features (Source Credit –

  • 86-5/8″L x 41-516″W x 30-11/16″H
  • Constructed with solid surface Galalato™ engineered to resist stain, retain heat, and minimize maintenance
  • Shaped to simulate a “gravity-less” floating position for ultimate relaxation
  • Hydrohands® massaging water jets
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Adjustable headrest with cascading water shoulder warmer
  • Mood creating LED lighting
  • Capacitive Keypad
  • Toe touch drain and push-button design for a smooth, one-piece tub appearance
  • 0.5 hp blower
  • 77.5 gallon capacity

Amazing bathing experience, but this cool and out of the world bathing experience has a heavy price tag attached to it….but all good things come with a price…isn’t it!!

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