Zeppy Speaker – Your Sound Buddy

As rightly quoted by Plato “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”It’s a mode of relaxation, a stress buster which can energize your mind and rejuvenate your soul, so that you can be motivated, thus doubling up your productivity.

Now, there is one set of music which is soothing to your ear and for that you would need speakers, (nowadays, you also get different types of wireless Bluetooth speakers and not just restricted to speakers), another set of music which you would generally listen, is, when you have your own share of heated argument with your better half, for that, you definitely won’t need any speakers…hehe…

Anyways, let us come to the point, where we left. So, music is something, which elevates our thoughts and transcends through different boundaries. But…. to enjoy this music, to the most, we would need speakers, RIGHT?? And in this era of cutting edge technology, where everything is going from wired to wireless(no strings attached..HaHa) let us dedicate, this article, to wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Now as mentioned earlier, Boring Portal is all about peculiar innovations, so this product has to be also very peculiar and unique in its features.:) Zeppy Speaker, is the first ever floating wireless Bluetooth speaker. This outdoor Bluetooth speaker can be used in swimming pools or when you are playing in the sand. Nothing can happen in water or in the sand. It is environment-friendly as it is made from 100% recyclable material.

You can add your Zippy’s and enjoy loud music or you can simply put it under your neck and let music massage you…isnot that great!!! Why have a bulky huge sound system for that surround sound felt, just have Zippy’s and it is good to go? Enjoy your home theatre at home with this small portable Zeppy speaker.

You can enjoy your music up to 16 hours with an energy saving mode. With the Led Lights you are always informed about the battery consumption. It comes with a loop so that you can hang it wherever you are to whichever place you want to..Get Zeppy Speaker and experience the ultimate music to your ears.

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