Zens – The Liberty AirPower Wireless Charger – Liberty Succeeded Where Apple Failed

The AirPower Wi-Fi charger product has been a dream product for many corporations in the tech industry and even Apple announced an AirPower wireless charger but then failed to deliver. Zens is a product by Liberty which is the first product in this segment of the market. Liberty succeeded where Apple failed as they were able to create a multiple coiled Wi-Fi charger. The following are some of the details of Zens AirPower Wireless Charger:

Details of Zens Airpower Wireless Charger Design

This is a unique and innovative wireless charger with 16 charging coils and is designed in large rectangular pad style design on which earbuds and smartphones can be placed to be charged. There is no need to place the phones and other devices on an awkward angle as multiple devices can be easily placed on this charger to be charged in a quick way through this charger. This is a glass and aluminum charger and is a large device which is similar in size and dimensions to a paperback e-book reader. It can be a little bit bulky to carry around.

Specification Details of Zens

Zens charges devices like smartphones just like regular chargers in a fast and wireless way. It helps as much as 15W Wi-Fi charging on two units. The Zens wireless charger is just like any other charger when it comes to connecting it to the power point. It can be connected to the charger using the standard USB C plug.

Price of the Zens Wireless Charger

One of the major drawbacks of this device is the price of this charger. It is much more expensive as the standard model of this device costs around 149 Euros which makes it very costly in comparison to other chargers for devices like smartphones.

This is a new segment in the market of chargers for devices like smartphones and there is a lot of potential in these types of products in the market. Apple has attempted a 24 coil Wi-Fi charger and failed and Liberty is the first company that has managed to get a 16 coil wireless charger that is run of Wi-Fi.

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