Yeehaw Wand – Create any 3D object out of thin air, easy!

Wand….whenever we hear of this word we think of magic….like waving of the wand and things gets created in no time. Better still, waving the wand and recreation of similar objects that you see somewhere else for yourself. You might be assuming I am talking gibberish, but what if I say its magic and that is exactly what Yeehaw Wand is doing. It is magic…With this magic, you get to experience the future.  Awesome isn’t it…. and to experience this what you need a “Wand” and a “Phone”, that is it.

Yeehaw Wand is a revolution in the field of imagination turning into reality. Create an object that you want out of thin air. Play with your designs, create them and print them. It is as easy as that. Designing has never been so simple and easy. Just with a wave of your wand sculpt your design in a new and unique way. No need to be proficient in CAD programming, no need to design from scratch. Just wave and viola get a design ready.

Yeehaw wand uses augmented reality technology thus enabling you to create designs freehand. Just wave the wand in front of the phone’s camera and see your creation coming into reality. The wand has buttons that enable you to zoom, rotate, adjust colors, give commands, etc. This package comes with a wand, 360-degree rotating platter, and Yeehaw app. The Yeehaw app is available on both android and iOS. It costs just $99. So if you really would like to see your imagination turning into reality don’t wait to order your Yeehaw TODAY!!!

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