Mirror – A Revolution for The Future Home Interactive Gym!

Busy schedule and sedentary lifestyle pose the major risk to your health. If you have decided to get fit or stay in shape and you get much more motivated by fitness class rather than hitting the gym…then please see through the MIRROR.

Why? Mirror?

Yes, a Fitness Mirror or a Mirror Workout is there for you if you don’t want to attend the fitness class, shelling out too much money or attending the class on the daily basis, being your major concerns.

When off, it’s a full-length mirror. When on, you can see yourself, your classmates or instructor in a sleek, interactive display, complete with embedded camera and speakers. All you need is the space of a yoga mat for a high-energy workout in comfort of your home!

You can take all sorts of classes like cardio boot camp, barre, yoga, boxing etc.

So how the Mirror actually works:

1. Select your workout: download the mirror app on your smartphone and select the workout you want to do. You will know your instructor, duration of workout, and the equipment you need.

2. The Workout: The screen gives you all the information regarding your workout once you begin exercising – duration of workout, calories burnt, heart rate etc. Interesting thing is that you can also see the other MIRROR users who have joined you, live, during your workout. The instructor not only shows you the proper way to perform but also motivates you throughout your workout.

3. Music: You can create your own music or you can choose from curated playlists. You can either use the inbuilt speakers or sync your Bluetooth audio device.

4. Another crazy feature of this device is the LIVE classes. You can do Live yoga or Live cardio – The instructor actually calls out your name during the workout-isn’t that really interesting and so lively!!

A sleek design and multipurpose equipment – Live sessions, workout sessions with friends, and a personalized feedback. When not in use, it’s just a simple reflective surface and the perfect home decor. Mirror – a revolution for future home interactive gym! 

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