Words with Friends 2 launches with new social features like co-op play

Zynga launched Words with Friends 2 today to follow up its hit puzzle game Words with Friends. Words with Friends 2 is the first time the game gets a major overhaul. On top of the core gameplay, new features include multiplayer co-op, a new solo challenge, and skill boosts. Words with Friends 2 builds on the series’ core mechanic. You can still challenge other players to spell out words on a board and compete for a high score, but the user interface has gotten a makeover. David says that they changed up the color palette and also made improvements for accessibility, such as increasing the font sizes and adding navigation tools like a shortcut button on the bottom right. Zynga added a few other features based on popular demand. One is invisible but will definitely affect gameplay. Words with Friends 2 has boosts that players can use in 1-vs.-1 matches. Word Radar shows players all the places they could play a word based on the titles they currently have; Hindsight looks back on what optimal word they could have played in the previous turnIn addition to these features, Words With Friends 2 has two new modes: Solo Challenge and Lightning Round. Solo Challenge pits you against bots in a ladder, with rewards such as in-game currency and collectible badges. Each match is designed to be played quickly in one sitting, as you have to beat the bot within five moves. and Tile Swap Plus enables players to swap out tiles without losing a turn.

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