Tiny Juice: World Smallest Self – Adhesive Wireless Charger

Now, as the name suggests, you don’t have to go with the title

This is definitely tiny but it is used to juice up your phone. Yes, you got it right. A wireless charger, to charge up your phone. Now, you might be thinking, what the HECK!!

Not Again… Your thought process would be like..AGAIN… an article on the charger, the market is already flooded with different kinds of chargers. Long Cables, Short Ones, wireless charger …I mean, why then an article on a charger, which we know the market is already having, long messy cables, no cables, all sorts of wires… if there aren’t any cables then the exact positioning of the mobile is needed, to charge your mobile. Otherwise, your mobile would be sitting there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do….and how to get charged  In the end you might be thinking that smartphone is getting charged, but in reality, your phone is not that smart to get charged till it gets its’ exact position to sit ;)…See what I mean and so you are left with no charge when you have to rush.

But, time and again I have stressed that this portal is all about promoting unique articles. Because we want people to know that the market is also flooded with unique gadgets which are using technology as a stepping stone and helping us in cutting down on our problems.

So, this Tiny Juice that I am talking about is first of its kind smallest self-adhesive wireless charger. It can easily slip into your pocket, or you can say it is pocket-friendly also…another way around 😉

It comes in multiple colors – White, Black, and Red. With its Nano Suction Technology, it is so simple, it will just stick your smartphone and start charging, whether you are at the office, home or gym. Your nightmare of drained out phone battery is no longer there. You can charge while you are on the go. Just stick and start charging.  Double it as a phone stand or finger ring. Just pick and Start Charging.

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