An Umbrella to make rains with hurricane possible

Today let’s discuss something interesting which will uplift your mood. Mostly all of us love to enjoy rainy weather and go out on a long drive leaving our day-to-day worries behind. However, the tough part to handle the downpour is if you are travelling on your bike or walking on the road and not covered. Well in my case I love to get wet in rain…..however most of you may not like it or if the rain is accompanied by the strong winds, even the umbrellas would not be of any use; they would either tear, break, or are blown away.

To overcome such challenges during rain with chaotic winds, Hedgehog has designed the Carbon Umbrella with the capability of withstanding hurricane level wind speeds.

The Hedgehog Carbon has carbon fiber construction, with polycarbonate joints and a stainless steel telescopic shaft.


  • Most strongest and durable umbrella.
  • It has an un-paralleled wind resistance which protects even against the most chaotic winds.
  • It is windproof – independent movements allow the umbrella to handle sudden shifts in airflow at canopy.
  • Engineered to last – it will have no cracks, breaks, or tears.

So if you are tired of throwing away your weak and disposable umbrellas with every rain, this is the only umbrella which has retaining strength and can last longer and give you more fun time with your friends and family. With Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella…even Hurricane can be managed..!!

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