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Have you ever pondered about the fact that technology is one of the major contributing factors in making us lazy? With the technology evolving in leaps and bounds, so has our thirst for getting all work done in the hands of robots has increased. We are always thinking in terms of innovation which would lighten our jobs and we can simply get our work done with the press of a button. This innovation and pleasure of getting the work done have led to the development of one more robot which would assist us in cleaning windows. Actually, the assistance part is only required till plugging it in and switching it on, rest is the work of the robot. 😊

Ecovacs Winbot has come up with a window cleaning robot which will help you to clean the windows in no time. You need to attach the window cleaning robot to the window and then it will clean the framed and unframed glasses of any thickness. It cleans thoroughly and safely. It will take care of every nook and corner with its’ SMART DRIVE TECHNOLOGY.

It uses 4 stage cleaning system and thus covers all the direction leaving your window streak-free and sparkling. It has 16 ft extension cord and a safety cable, so it takes care of windows of greater heights. It also is integrated with suction pod and tether, preventing it from falling, if WINBOT detaches from the window.

If by any chance there is no power, the win bet comes with a battery back up which lasts until the problem can be solved. The edge detection technology helps it to detect its path when it is cleaning framed or unframed windows. It comes with a handy remote control with start, stop, pause and change direction modes. Once it finishes with its cleaning, it retraces its path and comes back to the exact same location for you to remove it from the glass. It comes with audio and video signals to apprise you if anything goes wrong, so it gives you the freedom to perform other tasks. The noise level is much lower than other vacuum cleaners. It is a must-buy piece, but it comes with a price. Also, it takes a long time to clean. As it is only a robot, we never know when the technology stops responding. Overall, it is a good product and saves you from the hassle of cleaning the windows yourself.

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