Whipr- A portable 3-in-1 paddle, ski & rowing machine

Whipr is a 3-in-1 stand-up paddle, cross country ski and rowing machine, and some more + specifically designed for a lifestyle.

Whipr takes a different outlook, consisting of a small base unit that works with multiple attachments, as a great alternative to the larger, cumbersome, simulating exercise machines, which already exists in the market for Nordic skiing, rowing, and other activities, as well.

The system was invented by marine biologist/scuba diver/stand-up paddler Luke Tipple, who needed a way of exercising in hotel rooms while on the road. It is a miniaturized rowing machine with multiple modalities. It completely replaces the bulkier rowing machines and the ski-ergs that one finds in the gym.

Key Specifications
  • Size = 6.2″x6″x6″ (16cm)
  • Weight = 6.7lbs (2.7kg) (Production model will be lighter)
  • Pull cord length = 10 ft (3m)
  • Resistance on the catch (pull) phase of stroke = about the same as a full size rowing machine
  • Retraction resistance = none

The primary source of resistance is the planetary gearbox. Just like water, our gearbox is harder to get moving then keep moving. So once you build momentum whipr rewards your consistency with a slightly easier catch and pull (stroke), just like on the water. Additional resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the resistance wheel which engages magnetic resistance on the inside. You can read more about the engineering below.


On the front of Whipr are the pull cord, the digital screen, and the inflate and deflate buttons for the inbuilt anchor. The rear of the unit features the resistance adjustment wheel as well as the inflatable anchor (the flap on the back) and the removable webbing anchor for anchoring Whipr to any fixed object. In rethinking the ERG machine, the first thought was of securing the same. While anchoring to the door was the obvious choice, additionally, a webbing anchor was added, which allows attachment to any fixed object like a tree, fence post or even a couch! The ergometer, at present plans to display a host of metrics as:

  • Per-minute stroke rate
  • Total reps/strokes
  • Count up/down timer
  • Total distance
  • Time to complete the distance
  • Calories burned
  • 500m split

Though the company wants to finalize the user interface after inputs from a survey and feedback which is factored in the timeline.

Whipr is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$199 will get you a base unit, with an additional $70 required for the paddling or skiing attachment, and $120 for the rowing attachment. Other accessories, based around other activities, are in the works.

Product Page: Kickstarter, Wipr

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