Which Browser is Best for You?

Most of us, while browsing the Internet have asked ourselves this popular question. There is no correct answer to this question but we try to solve this mystery for you.

We are only considering two popular browsers- Chrome & Firefox in our solution though.

Although most of you would be of the opinion that Chrome uses more RAM and thus Firefox is more reliable as it does not crash often. I would say you are half right. Google Chrome uses more RAM but it uses it in a different way.

Let’s do an experiment.
Open Firefox, and open 5 tabs. Open Task Manager and notice memory usage.
Now Open Chrome and notice the same with the exact same number of tabs.

You will notice, RAM consumption of Chrome is more as compared to Firefox, but this is done to ensure an extra level of security and prevent crashing of the browser.
Another thing you would notice is Chrome has many processes while Firefox has a single process with high memory consumption. So, what chrome does is, it divides the entire program (or process inside it) into smaller processes, which runs independently while Firefox runs a single process overall.

So what happens is, when a tab is unresponsive in Chrome, you can just delete(stop) the process responsible for that tab, while same is not possible in Firefox.

There are very fewer chances of Chrome crashing until there is some issue with the main chrome process which may be caused due to improper installation or issue internal to the system and not dependent on websites you browse.

There maybe certain scenario’s in which Firefox would generate better results than Chrome.

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