What Other Body Organs Are Impacted By Coronavirus

After doing a lot of research on the Coronavirus, the scientist has come to know about how this virus targets the human body after entering it. The spread of this virus was getting worst that is the new cases were up fronting every 20 minutes and hence, there was various confusion related to understanding how this virus spreads so rapidly.

How does the body gets infected by the coronavirus?

The transmission of this virus led due to sneezing and coughing without putting handkerchief on the mouth in the open environment. The viral in the air is so quick that it grabs the droplet of the sneeze and will enter in your nasal passage.

It will attach to the receptor of the human cell. As the virus has spiked on its cell surface, it would stick to the human cell membrane and would allow producing the virus’s genetic material into the human cells. This is how the human body gets infected due to coronavirus.

Which organs of the human body suffer after infection?

The organs that would suffer due to corona infection are as followed:

  • Respiratory tract

As the entry of this virus is through the nasal passage, the virus would multiply rapidly. This multiplication of viruses will make you suffer from sore throat pain and a dry cough.

  • Lungs

The mucous membrane gets inflamed as the virus reaches the lungs. This is why the patient gets deployed to breathing properly. Viruses damage the lung sacs, which makes the lungs harder to supply oxygen inappropriate amount.

  • Eyes

According to new updates, eyes can play an important role in the spreading of the coronavirus. Hence, there’s various information published that avoid touching your eyes as much as possible. Eyes do contain the mucous membrane and till now the organs that have mucous membranes are susceptible to transmission of the virus.

  • Stomach as well as intestine

People who get infected by corona suffer from nausea, indigestion, and diarrhea. These are the common symptoms of corona infection.

Hence, the above was information about the corona entry pathways in the human body and organs that suffer due to it. Be safe and stay home to get protected from this coronavirus.

Source: Telegraph

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