What can Congress and Rahul Gandhi do now?

The results of India’s General Elections 2019 were in line with BoringPortal’s analysis which was published earlier.

Who will win India’s Election on 23rd May 2019?

The Grand Old Political Party of Congress failed miserably by performing dismally in Parliament Elections and also in some State elections in the North and South India. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership did not bear any fruits though he tried hard with his speeches at Election rallies about the failures of NDA government. He failed to capitalize on many visible issues like deaths of civilians during demonetization, failed promises on creating employment for the youth of India, misuse of Janani Suraksha Yojana scheme and many more. Instead, he kept on parroting the slogan “Chowkidar Chor Hai” (watchman is the thief) which backfired heavily and was manipulated as “Main Bhi Chowkidar hoon” (I am a watchman too) by the BJP. Rahul’s personality or strategy could not match the larger than life image of Modi or his closest confidant Amit Shah, who is known as the Chanakya(or Indian “Machiavelli”) of 21st Century.

Political Analysts and Media Experts have already scripted the demise of Congress Party but there is still scope for its resurrection before 2024. The mantle of the party should be handed over to someone who has enough maturity and experience to handle a Gigantic Party like BJP. Already, the name of the present Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot is in the reckoning. We need to wait and see if this move sees the day of the light. This man is a senior leader in Congress and has a lot of experience to his credit. Any non-Gandhi family member should be promoted to the top post if they wish to save their image in the political circles. This decision can help them in shedding off the stigma of harboring dynasty politics.

It is the time that Congress also starts focusing on good governance in all Congress-ruled States that can help them in emphasizing their work and performance. It is only then that they can emphasize the work they have done in earlier decades, as the young Indian population today has no memory of those times.

Also, it is high time that the leaders of Congress realize that their party must open its sensory organs to the optimum utilization of Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc., to connect with the youth of India. Nobody would disagree with the fact that BJP exploited all the available channels of Social Media along with launching Call Centers with 15,000 Executives who reached out to all the beneficiaries of the Government Schemes. Congress never was close to BJP in any of their tactful planning of Election campaigning or connecting with the masses.

Before it is too late, the Congress party must wake up sooner than later, if it wishes to stay alive in the memories of Indian Citizens.

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