WESN Micro blade EDC pocket knife

The WESN is a titanium body micro blade measuring in at a total length of 3.75 inches. It has the practicality and versatility of a full-size knife but at a fraction of the weight, and the size of a house key. This knife is built to go absolutely anywhere you want to take. By using top grade components, the WESN is made with some of the best materials at an affordable price: grade 5 titanium and AUS8 steel. The titanium makes the body simultaneously tough and hardy, while also dramatically reducing the weight. And by using AUS8 steel, the blade is durable, sharp, and made to last…and last…and last. Even though the it doesn’t have the specialized ability of knives built for specific tasks, you can know that micro blade will be up for the task, whatever you ask it to do. WESN micro blade gives you the benefits of full size knife but it just the size of a key. When open, the entire knife measures just 3.6 inches. WESN micro blade is impressively versatile and robust, it can cut through thick materials, open your bottles, process firewood, help start a fire, and do anything else you need. The design is complete with a pocket clip as well as a key chain hole so it can attach to you and all of your gear.

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