Wearbuds Wireless Earbuds Charged Right on Your Wrist by Airpower

In modern-day, technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last 2 decades. It has changed how we perceive things. More out of the box, creative gadgets are coming into the picture that has changed the entire ball game. Humans are hardwired to laziness. We search for new gadgets, new ways to satiate our inherent nature of laziness. And voila…. We came up with new gadgets that add a new dimension to the way we look at things.

Enough said this article is about one such gadget that did exist to date as simple earbuds but over the years have evolved to become “Wearbuds”. It is the first wireless earbuds that get charged on your wrist. Both the earbuds can be stored in the fitness tracking wristband and have both the audio and fitness tracking functions. It is lightweight, weighing just 3.6 gm. The earbuds fit perfectly due to the premium silicone ear tips which cancel the external sound. You can listen to songs, take calls without any drop or skip due to the advanced Qualcomm smart audio chip. Touch-sensitive controls help you to change tracks, play and pause or access your phone with just a tap or a swipe.

Enjoy your outdoor activities because it is water-resistant. As it doubles up with fitness tracking wristband, it helps to monitor heart rate, calories burnt, pedometer. It also monitors your sleep and is used as a message reminder. It comes with an app that sets the fitness data. Quickly and easily you can charge from empty to full in flat 90 minutes.

This package comes with:-

  1. Fully Wireless Earbud
  2. 2 Ear Tips
  3. Fitness Band
  4. Magnetic Charging Cable
  5. Quick Start Guide
  6. 2 Year Limited Warranty

It is definitely a hit when we compare it with the rest of the so-called wireless earbuds. For charging the other, earbuds need to be charged using a charging case without which they would run out of power. In Wearbuds the watch charges the earbuds and on the seventh day when they need to charge the watch. As it supports Bluetooth 5’s mono mode, we can go ahead and make calls from one or both earbuds. Priced at $99, it is good and worth the deal.

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