Wearables for the Eye Smart Contact Lens

The contact lens has been around for more than a decade. It is still evolving in terms of design, material and numerous other things. But now with ever-evolving technology, the way we look at the world with contacts has changed. It is not simple contact lenses anymore…..it has grown into something smarter. Something innovative. Something very futuristic.

It is not just related to vision anymore, it is much more than just lenses. Now, these contact lenses are being created by integrating it with the artificial intelligence platform. It extracts the environmental and health data and tells the user about the medication that is needed and the vital parameters of the body.

Based somewhat on these lines google has come out with smart contact lenses. It helps the people who are struggling with diabetes by monitoring the level by measuring the glucose levels in their tears. The lens consists of a wireless chip and a glucose sensor. The sensors are embedded between the two soft layers of lens material so that no harm is being done to the eyes. There is a wireless antenna inside the contact that would pass on the information to the wireless device. Google is also thinking of integrating the LED lights to inform the wearer whenever the levels of the glucose increase or dips compared to the threshold limit.

This kind of device is very helpful for people who are suffering from diabetes because the increase in the level of glucose in the blood for long can host many different complications and problems. The finger pricking diabetic assessment is available but it is painful. So, if this prototype can be transformed into reality it would be a boon to all the people who are suffering from diabetes.

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