Since the advent of Mobile phones, millions of users across the world have been using them without an interval. These phones have definitely been of great help to mankind in terms of having people across continents staying connected like never before. The only challenge so far here has been the charging of mobile phones. Once charged, any usual mobile phones usually run uninterruptedly for a day or two and not more than that.

We have been charging our phones with the usual charges that are provided while purchasing the phones but have a few limitations when it comes to charging them to stay connected always. Based on the usage of phones the charging gets exhausted quite quickly and at times we don’t have access to chargers and charging ports. If we are the SPOCS for a lot of official activities we must always keep our phones charged.

We need to have alternatives instead of hunting for an electrical outlet throughout. In the 21st century, we should be more innovative. Luckily we have the Universal Waterproof Solar Charger, you charge up from anywhere, and all you need is a little sunshine to get started.

This eco-friendly charger has a 5,000mAh battery capacity, so it’s fully equipped to recharge your smartphone as and when needed. The charger is waterproof, shockproof, and can charge any smartphone with the 1A & 2.1A ports and adapters.

And when it starts running low, simply leave it out in the sun to power it back up. You can feel comfortable going fully off the grid on a cool camping trip without worrying about your phone dying. Also feel free to be a little smug about how you’re saving the planet, while still enjoying the convenience of charging your phone on the go. On sale for just $10.99, it’s a no briner.

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