Omni Processor: Toilet to Tap – Can We Embrace it?

Water is the most important resource in our world. There is a huge water shortage globally, with at least one in nine people lacking access to running water. On this front, there has been an invention of a remarkable technology – Omni processor or commonly called as “Toilet to Tap” schemes, which has the potential to solve our massive water problem.

Omni Processor is a name proposed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a group of physical, biological or chemical treatment processes to process fecal sludge – a mixture of human excreta and water – in developing countries.

You may not find it appealing to drink toilet water or may not get over the “ick factor” easily; however it is scientifically tested and safe to drink and has the same taste as the bottled or the tap water. We just have to get over the stigma attached to it.

Driven by the growing populations and the drought, a lot of cities have introduced recycled wastewater already, though not as drinking water at this point of time.

Changing public perception is of utmost importance in this regard. This approach seemed to have worked for Perth, Australia, which is one of the driest places in the world. The Water Corporation completed a three-year trial in 2012, where millions of liters of water were recycled, while also trying to change people’s minds about the process. Their movement was a success eventually providing 20% of Perth’s water supply from recycled waste water.

Moving next and taking inspiration from Perth’s case study, we should now start thinking about water from a multifaceted approach. It’s fast becoming a necessity to adopt a process – recycle, conserve, purify, or toilet to tap, whatever you may call. The world will eventually overcome the shortage of water and will have access to clean and safe water.

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