Washing Machine for Hygiene Freaks On the Go!!!

Many of us are hygiene freaks for various reasons like staying healthy; keeping any allergies at bay, staying safe from any diseases, so on and so forth. Similarly, we wish to take care of our hygiene even when we are away from the comfort of our home i.e., like when traveling for vacations or touring far off places for fun or trekking. We cannot imagine wearing already worn clothes multiple times without washing them. So, the task, in this case, sounds tedious. But, we have a solution here.

Scrubba Mini is the answer to your worries. It weighs half the original and packs up into a tighter bundle. It is a great solution to your laundry issues while away from home. Intended for ultra-light travel adventures, like hiking and camping, the Scrubba Mini tips the scales at just 70 g (2.5 oz).

The idea behind this creation is to help travelers wash their clothes and accessories as they go. This can help them in carrying lesser luggage as clothes increase the burden of luggage. This really is a remarkable invention that can encourage more people to travel without any of these hassles.

Currently on Kickstarter, pledges for the Scrubba Mini start at (US$25), with shipping slated for August this year if all goes to plan. You can check out the pitch video below.

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