Wall Mounted Wireless Chargers for a hassle free charging

In this age, we won’t see any person without a mobile and with the advent of mobile comes the charger behind it. Every mobile has its own charger, with the number of mobiles ever increasing, so have the chargers. The permutations and combinations of mobiles and chargers make me go NUTS….Aaaaagghhh!!

Can’t take it anymore. Nowadays, each and every member of any house possesses his/her own phone, and not just one, sometimes, my own example if I take, I possess 2 mobiles. Pheeww!! Now every mobile comes with its own set of chargers which are not useful to charge a different brand. A’ha…so you agree that all have their own set of mobiles and own set of chargers. So, you can’t do without these phones but you can certainly do without the charger. Really!!

These wall mounted wireless chargers are wireless (as the name suggests) and hassle-free also. You don’t have to plug your mobile to cable. You just mount it and it starts charging. So easy and simple, be it your work front or your home place or your cozy car, just mount and charge is the mantra behind this product.  It, self-aligns and locks the phone in the mounting position so you can never see the “Not Charging” signal ever again. It also comes with an extra USB port that allows your second device to be charged simultaneously with the first, which, wait a  minute, you can’t simply do when you are charging with your own phone charger…Yipppeeeee!! I love it already.

So many times it has happened with me, I get vexed, when I see my charger removed from the socket; replaced by somebody else ’s and damn I am left with hardly any charge to carry forward…Aaarrrgghhh !!…But I just love this feature, I already feel the urge to Own it ….I am going for it, what about you…

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