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These modern day mobiles can potentially socially alienate you from the surrounding. But for smooth flow of information we need to have access to mobile phones all the time. But whenever, we get a notification, a call, a message or anything, I mean, to stay connected, we need to have a proper display position that would very much ostracize us from our surrounding. We should always try to capture those magical moments that don’t take time to fade away, but with phones in-built camera the positioning and clicking might make us lose our moment so special.

Vue Smart Glasses are glasses developed for today’s technology. It has kept in mind that glasses are meant for having clarity of vision and has integrated the technology of staying connected with it. It is very light weight that you don’t feel the burden of wearing your Vue Smart Glasses unlike other smart glasses.

There are three types of glasses they are available with – Prescription Glasses, Sun Glasses and Plano. They come in three different frame colors – Black, Brown and White. Besides all this, it comes with a plethora of features, unheard of:-

Gesture Controlled

You can control your eye wear with gestures. Didn’t quite get it? So, first let me first apprise you of all the features then only you would enjoy the gesture controlled feature.

As I told you that, it is smart Glass, so features not just limited to reading, but you can

  • Make and Receive Calls with a tap
  • Listen to Music
  • Control the volume of the music
  • Take pictures with double tap
  • Get health reminders, so you can never be lazy with these glasses on. It will make sure you are always active and on the go.
  • Get your directions with these glasses
  • Hear Notifications

Now, you might be thinking how can I listen to phone and receive it , well it has bone conduction transducers which helps it to listen to your calls or music with clarity and reduced leakage. Water resistant feature protects it from sweat or water, thus keep it long lasting.

And not to forget, it comes with app that would help you to search your specs…cool isn’t it.

Wireless charging-you can charge with the help of a case. Charging time is 2 hours. 2-3 days stand by time on a single charge. It is compatible with iOS, Iphone and Android.

Don’t let the glasses just be glasses make them smart, switch to Vue Smart Glasses … Think Smart, Think Vue.

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