VSSL launches rugged, packable coffee grinder for backcountry brewing

Whether you’re summitting a peak or diving deep, chances are your day begins with a boost of caffeine.

You aren’t the type to sacrifice on quality when it comes to your gear, so why continue to settle for mediocrity when it comes to our outdoor coffee experience?

Coffee is what provides the energy so many of us need to fuel our most challenging outdoor pursuits and taking epic coffee, anywhere—is the vision and the principle, our catalyst, says VSSL of Canada. No matter, how many miles you have to go and milestones you cross in the remote, the companionship of an excellent coffee and it’s consistent existence is the mission.

A tougher variant to endure and absorb the harsh and bouncy outdoor conditions, than the existing ultra portable coffee grinders existing from competition, in the market, the conveniences are rolled into an easy carry tube form as a flashlight flask, and a powerful bean pulverizer with no less 30 different micro-settings that run the full gamut between powdery espresso and French press grit.

Canadian outdoor provisions company VSSL applies it’s signature aluminium tube construction thus creating an unbreakable, packable, premium coffee hand grinder intentionally designed for outdoor use and set to provide an excellent coffee drinking experience, from your camp spot to your tailgate.

The robust handle beats other grinders having weak, rattling fixed handles that stick out all the time or fold with light, easy-to-break hardware. VSSL steps up creating a folding mechanism that turns it into a carabiner-style carry handle for transit. The handle locks in carabiner form via a screw, ensuring the hinge withstands wear and tear. The carabiner lashes easily to a backpack, and VSSL says it has more than 200 lb (90-kg) of load-bearing capacity.

Every morning, campers can quickly fold out the Java handle and extend it into grinding length. The conical grab handle stores neatly in the empty coffee canister that unscrews from the bottom. The quick-release lid on the other end pops open at the push of a button for loading the beans. VSSL says the grinder in work of chewing up the fresh beans, can handle its roughly 20-g fill capacity in 60 seconds.! Up

At 12.7 oz (360 g), the VSSL Java prove too high a weight-vs-utility ratio for the average lightweight backpacker, but undoubtedly, a valuable tool for coffee-loving campers, overlanders, anglers, hunters. It definitely looks like it will hold up and brings the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty. The grinder measures 6 in (15 cm) tall to the top of the carabiner handle and 2 in (5 cm) in diameter.

The crowd is welcoming it, as the Java has spiked way past its CA$25,000 goal on the very first day of its Kickstarter campaign, certainly seeing the value of being small enough to pack easily, robust enough to power over trails and up mountains, and precise enough to deliver the uniform grind needed for a premium brew.

VssL Java

Source: VSSL Kickstarter

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