VSSL First Aid Mini stores 40 survival items in a compact tube

The Canadian Gearmaker brand VSSL that is an acronym for Vessel Stocked with Supplies, has enticed the customer minds by making a launch of slim, flashlight-motivated tubes to contain a lucrative gamut of safety essentialities inside them. However, this time the company has appeared with the sleekest of the versions, till the date.

The tool specializes itself as an invincible flashlight with bears commodities in a canister for the motive to possible out an outdoor survival, that enables the seeker to carry a cure to varied injuries in the woods, contained in a Capsule, but merely 18 cms long and 5 cms in dimension.


Being externally identical to the former design, the First Aid Mini, repeatedly, is either side opening cylindrical body design, claimed to be water-resistant. The small aluminum round canister packs are able to be stacked inside the Flask, as, they carry different First Aid utilities, divided individually, as per the use, in an organized manner.

To explicate, the similar-looking boxes bear different names on their lids. On the 3Cs that are Cover, Cut and Clean lids, as an instance, have Wound Closure Strips, Antiseptic Wipes, or the Bandages. On the other hand, are the First Aid tins which store Safety pins, Razor Blades, Tweezers, Medical Gloves, and an Emergency Whistle. Subsequently, Blister pads, Pain medication, Burn cream, and Disposable thermometers can be found, lying in Outdoor Essential packs.


The piece is endorsed for the journeys where quantity carriage is not a worry. In particular, the usage of the item can sufficiently be made in Day and Backcountry trips. The thing that turns the equipment worth buying is the canisters that could be carried separately in a Zip Lock Bag, leaving the Outdoor portion, behind. Hence, the VSSL survival kit turns out as an optimal pick for any outdoorsy.

Composed of the Military-grade aluminum, the above device, claiming Watertight weighs 9.9 oz. (280g). The VSSL First Aid Mini is now available with the source at the price of US$70.

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