Voice Activated Fridge, That Comes To You When Called

With the evolution of technology, our lives are getting intricately woven by data, in the form of zeros and ones.  So much we have integrated our life with the technology around us that at present, internet is powering our everyday lives. So, when we talk of IOT, what we can understand from this word… In layman terms, if we try to comprehend, IOT means Internet of Things.

Till now we used to talk of Internet, which gives unfettered access to any information or technology that eventually empowers the mankind to come up with idealistic innovative solutions that are developed with the sole intention to make life simpler and less complex for us. And that led to the evolution of internet of things. So, now what is it, why do we need it, which all things can be coined as IOT enabled, and are they useful in the long run.

First let me explain, what is meant by Internet of things?

When every day physical objects, are connected to the internet and enables these things to connect, transmit and exchange data without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction, is called IOT.

Now obvious question comes, why do we need it?

Well, we need this to make our lives less complex, add value to our lives and to stay connected where ever we are.

Whether or not they are useful or harmful, it is too early to predict, as they solve our everyday life’s complexities but also put our information on public display, which can be hacked and can be used otherwise.

But this article is not a platform where I would like to discuss the pros and cons of IOT, but would like to talk about several IOT based innovations that are storming into our lives.

Fridge, a simple age old appliance that can be thought of to keep our items cold. But Panasonic has come up with a voice activated fridge that can come to you when called. Zapped, Zipped….Zippo!!

Panasonic, has unveiled the prototype for Ku, a voice activated fridge which comes to you when called. It can easily navigate through your home by making use of LIDAR and depth sensors. Right now it is in prototype stage, and would be available to consumers in a few years’ time. It has the ability to avoid any obstacles like kids and pets besides responding to simple commands that would be given by you.

It would benefit, the elderly people or people having disability or people suffering from “LAZY SYNDROME” ☺  #Panasonic #Smart #Innovations #For #Smart # People.

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