Viral FaceApp challenge: After 60 years later, celebrities jump in on the trend

With the advent of technology, human’s way of perceiving the world changed. With the technology evolving leaps and bounds over the years, we have seen the human’s creativity also entering into the unchartered territory. We as humans have always been very inquisitive and rational in our approach. Over the years, we have come up with some of the very unique and innovative ideas and products to boast of.

1.Chris Hemsworth


Today the app store is flooded with a plethora of unique and out of the box ideas that would make you sit back and think, where the hell is, we head. Some are just so creative and out of the box that it would go for the grabs instantly and thus goes viral.

2.”Tony” Stark ( Iron Man )

One such app that I will talk about is the “Face App Age Filter”. It is the in thing and people are going crazy about it. This article would all be about what it is, how to install, what you can do…

This app that I am talking about has become a rage TODAY and is taking social media by storm. This app was launched around two years back, but for it to get name and fame was not that instant. It took 2 years to become a rage and now it is one of the most super trending apps. This app is integrated with AI photo editor which enables you to edit the pic and make you look young or old depending on certain parameters.

3.Tom Holland

spider-man: far from home

4.Mark Ruffalo

The Hulk

5. Amy Jackson

Miss Teen World

6.Gal Gadot

wonder woman

7.Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

BHOLLYWOOD- Sweest Couples

How does it WORK ??

  1. Install Face App from App Store
  2. Open the app
  3. Click Selfie or choose any pic from gallery
  4. Choose a filter such as old age or gender-bending
  5. You can view your older self

Well, I installed and tried it….here are my viewpoints. I feel it is not accurate even if it is AI-enabled but still there are many factors that slow down or enhances your aging. These factors either are external or might be dependent on some other factors. So just use it to play and enjoy, don’t get charged up or hooked into it.

The feature that has tweeps going crazy for the app is the ‘old’ option where the app gives you three versions of your face – two young and one that looks really old and spookily probable.


When downloading any new app, users get permission dialogue boxes on both iOS and Android. Read carefully what the permissions are that you click ‘Allow’ to. 

Never use your social media account to use any third-party apps as that would allow the app more access to your data than it would have otherwise. For example, if you use Facebook to log in to an app like FaceApp, they may be able to gain access to devise details or even behavior patterns. 

In all cases, any data you voluntarily or involuntarily supply can then be used by the app or sold as data. 

Try your best to block access of apps into your gallery or personal files. For apps that don’t require it, block access to camera and microphone as well. You may not think it matters, but these permissions hinder data privacy and security. If you feel your data is being misused, check the settings of the app in detail to check that security settings have not been compromised.

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