Viral Challenges of 2019

Internet challenges are always very enticing and gripping for teens or adults in the mid-twenties. Some blindly follow these challenges and end up getting hurt or dead if they are risky and some take up these challenges because of peer pressure. These are few challenges of 2019 that are weird, innovative and zany.

  • 6sblinktest

In this challenge, you cannot blink for 6 seconds. Test your nonblinking skills using this 6sblink challenge. It has become very popular where you blink at zero seconds and then at 6 seconds.

  • Chair Challenge

It is a battle of sexes and believes me women have an upper hand compared to men. It is bizarre wherein you need to walk up to a wall and take 2 steps back. Place a chair in front of you, up against the wall. Bend and create a 90-degree angle with your body. Place the head against the wall and lift the chair up to your chest, keeping your head against the wall. Now stand up holding the piece of furniture. Men are finding it very hard to complete this challenge.

  • Bird Box Challenge

It was developed after the movie Bird Box which starred Sandra Bullock. You need to complete your tasks blindfolded. Netflix has warned people into participating in such kinds of challenges as it is potentially dangerous.

  • Vacuum Garbage Challenge

This challenge is dumb and potentially very dangerous. You fit yourself into a big plastic bag and suck the air out of it with your vacuum cleaner. It is a challenge for morons who would follow the herd without even knowing the after-effects of this challenge. It can cause permanent damage.

  • Salt and Ice Challenge

You put Salt on any part of your body and then on that put ice cube. It is dangerous as it can cause second- or third-degree injury similar to frostbite. It is very dangerous as it causes injuries much more quickly damaging the skin and nerves.

  • Bottle Cap Challenge

It was started by Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin. It was very popular among celebrities. It is a safe challenge. In this challenge, you need to unscrew the cap of your bottle by one single kick without moving or touching the bottle.

  • Choking Challenge

Again this is a potentially harmful challenge. It is also known as pass out the challenge. You need to choke yourself or get another person to choke you stopping just short of the danger point. It is a very stupid challenge and many kids have ended up dead trying to complete this challenge.

  • Lip Challenge

Insert the lips into a shot glass, small jar or bottle and then suck out the air creating a vacuum. This challenge will end you up with a pouty lip but many ended up with swollen or bruised lips. It can cause irreversible lip damage.

  • Cheese Challenge

This is a very weird challenge in which the parents throws cheese at their unsuspecting babies instead of saying cheese for the camera.

  • The Ghost Pepper Challenge or the hot pepper challenge

It is a food challenge where you will film yourself eating and chewing pepper which is high on the Scoville scale. The Bhut Jolokia Pepper is also known as the Ghost Pepper is very high on the Scoville scale and can lead to the death of a person. It is a horrible experience, better not to try it.

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