Vinci AI Headphones worlds intelligent 3D headphones

Designed with sports and fitness in mind, the Vinci AI headphones let you leave your smartphone behind. An evolution of the company’s earlier Vinci headphones, the Vinci AI headphones are equipped with a Quad-Core Cortex A7 CPU with 1GB of RAM and up to 32 GB of storage. The headphones can connect to the internet or paired devices via WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G, allowing the user to take calls or play music without needing to be connected to their phone. The Vinci 2.0 also boasts a comprehensive, onboard fitness tracker, and can be controlled by its custom-designed AI as well as Amazon Alexa. No phones needed. Enjoy total freedom when jogging, traveling, or commuting to work. Vinci allows you to voice control your music when manually choosing songs on your phone is inconvenient. Say anything artist, song, album, genre, the mood you want, will match songs to whatever you say, or let Vinci pick a song for you and is super-easy to use. Vinci headphones automatically play when they’re on your ears and pause when you remove them. Simply tap and swipe to adjust tracks and volume. Use hold-to-talk or simply say “Hi Vinci” to wake up the voice services. Vinci senses and learns from your body vitals, activities, listening habits and preferences to make intelligent, real-time recommendations. You don’t have to choose songs yourself. Learns from your body and activity data to pick songs that match your pace, heart rate, and listening preferences.

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