Vezo 360-degree dash cam also gives drowsy drivers a nudge

Over confidence and over calculation prove fatal for humans. We overestimate ourselves at times and underestimate when we can do our jobs impeccably. Both factors are dangerous. One such act is driving when we are feeling sleepy or tired or drunk or disturbed or devastated. We become overly confident and end up in troubles many times.

We keep hearing about freak accidents that were a result of driving while being drowsy. Such incidents can change lives of the drivers or victims most of the time. They lead to deaths and permanent disabilities also. Vezo 360 is one of the latest answers to these situations. It has a dash cam that senses the moods of drivers, especially if a driver is tired or sleepy. In such cases, it pushes the driver to stay alert. There are many such similar technologies that can provide a solution to the highlighted problems.

 Vezo 360 should act as a very capable dashcam. Its dual lens setup captures 4K video in all directions and can monitor the surroundings when the car is parked in case of a break-in. It hooks up to the internet over 4G and Wi-Fi and your phone over Bluetooth, allowing for remote live streams of the action from your car.

The GPS chip is a nice touch, too, so users can figure out where they’ve parked, as is the magnetic mount that allows it to be easily yanked off the dash so the Vezo 360 can be used as a regular camera.

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