Upgrades in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera

The Samsung Company is presently working on some upgrades in their galaxy series S21 phone. It is said that the company will add laser autofocus in the camera of S21 so that it could provide optical image stabilization or OIS. 

The Company has barely completed three months of the launch of its premium budget Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, and now they have reported launching the next generation smartphone galaxy S21.  This new model of Samsung Galaxy has already started to storm the web!

As said in a report that Samsung has some plans to upgrade the rear camera of the S21 so that it could cover up the problems faced by the S20 ultra users. The added feature is the laser autofocus that provided the user with OIS or the optical Image Stability.

Some reporters have told that the Samsung Company is right now testing out the two models. One of the models has got the OIS in the selfie camera, telephotos, and mains. While the other one has OIS for the telephotos, mains, and for the wide-angle camera. 

It is said that the smartphone will have a 150MP main sensor, a 16MP wide-angle, 64MP telephoto sensor, and also a 12MP macro sensor. 

While talking of the front camera then it has been reported to have an in-display selfie camera. It has also been said that right now the company is working on two configurations for the new model of Samsung Galaxy S21. One of them is an 84MP and the other one is a 12MP sensor that also has OIS. 

All the information that till now has been told about the Samsung galaxy new series of S21 has been mentioned above. Anything else cannot be said for the new model and people will have to wait for more reports to confirm if the company will add these features in their new model.

This new model is also said to have 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage facility. But till now no one can fully assure this. While the price of the phone is said to be approximately rs 74,990.

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