Unique Christmas Toys for the kids this Christmas:-

Kids are kids and they have special demands. Kids have evolved with time. They are more intertwined with the technology which keeps them updated and informed. Now simple traditional toys won’t satiate their appetite. They want something out-of-the-box that would make them sit back and take a look. Instead of buying any gaming toy it is better to invest in something that would increase their cognitive skills.

Here is a list of games that would enhance their thinking and reasoning ability.

Dash and Dot

This robot is a play way method of teaching kids. It recognizes the voice command and is an open-ended learning program. It is a coding robot for 6+ kids. A good way to learn how to code at the initial stage.

Smart Hoverboard

Smart toys for smart people. It is a self-balancing, lightweight and comes with a high power battery that would increase the speed from 0 to 7.5MPH in no time. Sleek design and it is integrated with coolest lights which makes your riding experience worth remembering.

Trainer bot

If your kid is a table tennis buff then this is the right gift for him/her. It would train him in 3 different modes – Newbie mode for beginners with slow and easy shots, Casual Mode for Intermediate where it will create a sequence for multiple shots and advanced level where you would be playing like a professional. A good way to teach them to play table tennis.

Smart Kitchen Set

It is a dream for the girls to own kitchen set and if you get something smart then it is like icing on the cake. This Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen comes with Bluetooth and different sound effects. It is compatible with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon Fire, Droid RAZR and HTC One. 40 Accessories for chopping, turning on the faucet and cooking on the stove. It responds to the kid’s sound and making them learn the cause and effect.

Super Suit

If you want the kids to be away from the digital world and be connected in the normal world then this is a perfect gift for them. It is a wearable gaming platform. It consists of a vest and a glove. It works on the gesture control technology. It also comes with an app that would let the parents track the fitness data and also monitor their location.

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