Umbrella Cup Holder to sip your drink while multitasking

How about having a cup of coffee as you enjoy the rain? You answered a YES. Let’s move a bit forward. A cup of coffee, rain and you walking in it? You answered YES again. Let’s move a bit further. A cup of coffee, rain, you walking in the rain, umbrella in your other hand and your phone rings…VOILLA and it’s YOUR ANGRY ECCENTRIC BOSS calling, what do you do now? You might be thinking, damn let me drop my coffee rather than getting rebuked by my boss. I mean who cares you can always get a new cup of coffee but once tarnished image won’t get you your increment J. Worry No More as we have come up with a perfect solution when you have more to handle but limited hands to take care J. This specially designed cup holder would fit into an umbrella of any size and any cup of any dimension. It works on the unique patented swivel technology which won’t let your beverage to spill even when you are turning your umbrella upside down. So keep your hands free and head protected with this PRODUCT NOW.

Umbrella Cup Holder

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