It is time that our planet goes green in various possible ways as the growing pollution of multiple forms and dimensions is endangering many species and causing a great amount of damage to the health of mankind. Mindless consumption of fossil fuels is one of the major reasons for all this. The popular Tyre manufacturing giant from France Michelin is collaborating with General Motors to introduce a prototype of airless tyres for the Users in order to arrest the process of pushing millions of tyres into scrap every year.

Michelin and GM wish to create Michelin‘s UPTIS (or Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), which assures to remove both the waste and the danger that comes from a flat or blown-out tyre so that the new creations can hit the roads by 2024.

The tyres feature a complex internal architecture made from carefully engineered materials that remove the need for compressed air to support the vehicle’s weight.

Michelin claims that the airless tyres are too tough to be damaged anytime sooner and also will require a “near-zero” level of maintenance. The main benefit is that this will reduce the number of tyres scrapped due to punctures – a number that Michelin estimates at 200 million worldwide annually.

Michelin went public about its research partnership with General Motors (GM) a few days ago at Montreal’s Movin’On Summit for sustainable mobility – the same event at which it first unveiled the UPTIS prototype under the name Vision two years ago.

The next step will be to test the prototype on GM’s Chevrolet Bolt electric cars. The companies aim to introduce the tyres onto some GM passenger vehicles in 2024.

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