Types of Masks: Your Guide to Choose a Perfect Mask for you

With the changing life pattern of urban people, pollution is a huge issue. Most people are suffering from health issues like asthma. In this scenario, a face mask can be very beneficial for preventing the airborne particles from entering into the bronchial tract through respiration. The masks can be an effective tool for mainly the people who are staying outside for a long time. Instead of buying them from stores, one will get a variety of these kinds of the mask from the online shopping portals.

Some of the major types of face mask used by people are discussed below:

1. Multi-Purpose Protective Mask, Three Layer Blue Mask (50-pack) : The face mask is disposable with a 3-layer lining of non-woven fibre fabric. The multi-layer is provided to give effective protection. It will block dust particles and water droplets.

Product Link: https://is.gd/1bM3Go


  • The masks are soft, breathable and comfortable in wearing.
  • The ear-loop is elastic hence good anchoring during its use.
  • Any person will fit one size without any problem.

2. 10 Pcs PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Breathing for Mask: The entire mask is divided into a 5-layer mechanism. The filter should be cleaned every 7 to 14 days because the filter insert cannot be removed.

Product Link: https://is.gd/ptYGSD


  • 1st layer removes micro-level dust particles coming.
  • 2nd layer stops industrial and automobile pollutants.
  • 3rd layer arrests micron-level or much smaller particles.
  • 4rth layer acts as a defensive mechanism and provides filtration of densified particles.
  • 5th layer acts as a barrier to all kinds of harmful substances.

3. Cushion and Clip for Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask –Medium: The mask comes with a lot of variations. There are extra-small, small, medium and large cushion and clip arrangements.

Product Link: https://is.gd/7mFJor


  • The masks are enough compatible with all face size hence sold in different dimensions.
  • It is mostly used by medical professionals.

4. Intech Plastic AntiPollution Foldable ISI Face Mask: It is a 4-layered mask that allows breathing of purified air and prevents entry of airborne allergies into the body.


  • The breathing valve allows normal inhalation without any kind of suffocation.
  • The nose clip and ear loops are given for sufficient adjustments.
  • The first 2 layers are made up of non-woven fabric and the other 2 layers are made up of cotton.

5. Disposable Surgical face mask: 

This kind of face mask is suitable in areas where there is a heavy concentration of air pollution. When the person is travelling in a bike or any two-wheeler, this kind of mask gives sufficient prevention to airborne allergies.


  • The noseband and nose clip help in attaching the mask to the face properly.
  • The mask is made up of pure cotton and is washable.

Conclusion: A face mask is an essential tool in recent years when the environment is subjected to so much pollution. All the masks are budget-friendly and easily available in the online websites.

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