Tub Ring – Drain Protector

What is the thing that you dread the most? Mine would be taking bath and seeing that water is not going down a drain. What a repulsive sight it is….It is no fun cleaning a drain, it’s wet, slimy, and you have to inhale the obnoxious smell that it emanates sometimes. Not much of fun ugghhhh…

But have you ever thought why a drain gets clogged? It is because over a period of time junk accumulates in the drain and it reduces the water flow and slowly it blocks the free passage and water starts flowing in the reverse direction. What a stinky sight…ewwwww!!

Tub Ring is an ultimate innovation in protecting a drain from clogging. It is super easy to install, clean and maintain. It is safe to use in bathtubs and is very durable. The central rim blade keeps it securely attached to the drain stopper. It is made of high-grade silicone material, which is easy to fit and remove. Crossbar added to the front and the rear to give strength and maintain stability. Slot-based filtering holes catch every single hole and maximize the water drainage. It works with all the standard bathtub drain stoppers. It is mold free, so it dries up after every shower and stays dry till your next shower. It is 100% BPA free. The high-grade silicone prevents corrosion and discoloration. It is available in 2 shapes:- Ring Shape and Floral Shape. Available in 6 colors: Sky Blue, Grey, Green, White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Red.

Drain Protector is easy to use, install and clean. What are you waiting for, no huge plumber fee and no drain clogging issue….Go NOW, BUY NOW!!!

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