TrueWash: Appliance to disinfectant foods and household items

At the time of this pandemic, the main thing in which most of the people are relying on is to disinfect household products as well as foods that will be consumed later. True wash is helping humankind by disinfecting household items around 99%. The product can kill bacteria situated in the upper portion of the fruits or vegetables or other daily usable appliances. The article has gone through the technology used by the machine and how it can help you stay healthy.


The True Wash is using modern technology in which it is combining the ultraviolet light, activated oxygen as well as water vapor to sanitize fruits and vegetables. The true wash can be able to sanitize food items, vegetables, cell phones and much more.

Usage of Products

The True Wash device is too simple to use. In case you are willing to clean nonelectronic products, you need to put some water. In this scenario, you need to take almost four cups of water. Next, in the tub, you need to put the products that you are willing to cleanout. Eight quick start buttons represent quick start buttons. Among them, you need to choose the appropriate button also. In case you are eager to clean electronic products, you have to avoid giving water in the machine.


The machine consists of 8 different modes, here you will be able to clean your baby bottles, fruits, vegetables, and cell phone. The capacity of the basket is 8 liters. The main advantage of the product is it can be detached from the basket. It would be best if you only cleaned EZ clean reusable filters of the product. The strength of the lamp is 254 nm, and the lifetime of the UV light is 15000 hours. So, you don’t need to think about the legibility of the product. Thus, the product is efficient enough to clean up or sanitize your daily needs.

In this pandemic situation, where tidiness is the main task, this product can be your partner using which the situation can be handled. So, undoubtedly, the product will work as an essential appliance in your house.


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