Treatment for Involuntary Finger Movement

A friend in his late 30s started getting involuntary finger movement in New York. He visited his primary physician and a neurologist who did a few tests like MRI. However, the doctors could not explain why he is getting the involuntary finger movement.

Later on an Indian TV channel he came to know about one Ayurvedic doctor and visited him. The Indian ayurvedic doctor told him that he is suffering from “Vaat Roga” or excessive air being generated in his body. The doctor recommended him to stop taking all forms of milk, but take Ghee or Indian clarified butter in food. Additionally, he was asked to take 1 teaspoon of CASTOR OIL in hot water before sleeping a couple of times in a week (this can be done only if you do not have high cholesterol).  An ayurvedic medicine was also given but he took it for only a week.

His involuntary finger movement problem was solved in only 1 week’s time with these remedies.

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Sanjeev Sharma

Consultant and Author of '5 Core Methods of Innovation'

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