Tradition Meets Future: The Beads with Inflatable pants.

It was a crazy thought , that passed by Harikrishnan’s thoughts , on how would his pet dog would have visualized a normally clothed man like him. He viewed from the dog’s perspective that , he would see an exaggerated version of him , and could not even see his head from such a low height . This thought process scaled different proportions, and let him to conceive an idea of super wide inflatable trousers which was tight at the waist and assumed large proportions ath te thigh region.Let us dwell deep into this innovative fashion :

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The initial stages of development:

  • The idea was to create ballooned out Latex trousers which would have probably matched the cropped up tailor jackets.
  • Hari viewed this as a 3 dimensional garment. Accordingly ,he took into account all the fabrication, textures, and the colors and patterns.
  • He had to centre on one particular fabric ,which would lend him all those innovation possible. And he chose Latex.
  • The choice was a wise one as latex material stretches more than any other fabric, and would contribute to the  balloon like bulge as a trouser.
  • Latex shines as a material, and tat would set off the glamouros part.
  • The next was the design part where hari arranged it in horizontal and vertical stripes to set up the effect.
  • A technique called Morphing was adopted over here , where an attempt is made to distort the images, anf for this , the fragmentswhich were from the same sourcewere assembled.
  • Then a clay model was carved in , which would give anybody an idea , on the 3 Dimensional effect. After the latex was sliced into fragments, they were graded and stuck together in various angles , but in a pattern.
  • All that remained was the top half , and these were simple slim line cuts in contrast with the inflated pants  below.
  • The other design , that Harikrishnan created were beads woven together , wooden in nature, and a matching shorts to go along with it.
  • He had picked up this art from Channapatna, where he lived , and also informs of his artisan routes , which happens to be Mysore Karnataka.
  • It was then he decided that the top piece should be the beads and the inflatable pants below.
  •  It led to a striking combination and held every one in awe at the London College of fashions.
  • The coincidence was that , one other designer , had also designed the same , but he had chosen in albeit and fortunately not latex.
  • The attempt to match the traditional craft of Channapatna with that of a fabric of the future known as latex , was not only innovative , but would set th e trend of the future.

Conclusion:A thought which sprung from nowhere , becomes the trend seter for the futre.

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