Top 5 Smart Watches for 2020

Human imaginations are intriguing and enigmatic at the same time. Before the advent of mobile phones, everyone in the modern world craved to wear wrist watches of their favorite brands as a symbol of their personality. All the working professionals used to wear wrist watches, inevitably. Wearing a watch was considered professionalism and culture. Those who never wore were considered negligent and unprofessional. This protocol started changing after people starting purchasing cell phones as they had a special feature that displays time always. Many felt that there was no need to wear a watch. This tendency of ignoring watches was not adopted by those who were very practical about presenting themselves in a sophisticated manner. This segment continued wearing watches and that is where the smart watches segment came into existence and today we see many international brands that introduced Smart watches that are being loved by people of multiple age groups. Human beings are fickle-minded and crazy alwaysJ.

Let us study the top 5 Smart Watches that will be a huge hit in 2020.

1. Apple watch

Apple watches have been on the top since they have been introduced to the world. As expected they are the best sellers in 2019 too. With this jubilation, Apple is going to launch its next-generation Apple watch in 2020.

Apple Watch introduced an ECG sensor with fall detection and support. Therefore, everyone is really curious to know about Appleā€™s next watch. It will include an app store first time and a variety of watch faces and features. Trusted sources say that the new version will have a distinctly shaped screen along with cool fitness features like face metrics in which five unique metrics like distance period active calories, heart rate and elapsed time are included according to some sources. There are more to be known about this.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The closest rival of Apple Watch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This is rumored to be more expensive one than the current version that was launched in August 2018. Experts claim that it is one of the best smartwatches in Android segment. Reports claim that a more upgraded version of the Galaxy watch will be introduced next year.

Beyond this there is very less information available about the next version but we can expect some improvements over the original Galaxy watch. As it had a bulky design with rotating bezels, it is possible that the new SmartWatch may have a slim design with the bezel.

3. Garmin Fenix Series

Garmin smartwatches are very popular for their precise GPS and are a great choice for people who are into mountaineering, trekking, sports and trackers. Sometime ago they launched some Fenix series smartwatches with features like the ability to store music preloaded topographical maps, Garmin play, oxygen saturation and many more.

The Garmin fans are very excited about the Fenix 6 and for sure it is going to present a slimmer and more stylish design watch in 2020. Garmin always shall have takers due to its distinct features like more improved GPS through which one can download music offline.

4. Fitbit Versa

Though the most valued Smart watches are from Apple and Samsung, there are a few companies that are exclusively into smartwatches and fitness equipment. They are doing a decent business when compared a lot of other brands that are less popular. We are talking about Fitbit Versa. A lot of fitness apps can be downloaded from their app store which is impressive with varied sensors provided within the watch.

Fitbit Versa 2 is a new entrant this year but we can see an upgraded version of Versa in 2020.

5. Google Pixel Watch

As expected, Google never stays behind anyone in any race. Google pixel watch kept people waiting for its arrival into the market and all are expecting its launch in the first quarter of 2020, though there is concrete information about it from anyone. We can expect something great J

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