Top 20 craziest resolutions for 2020

Resolutions started some 4000 years ago with the Babylonians who used these to make promises to God at the start of New Year. From then on, this tradition is being followed with full enthusiasm. But now days, people are violating them rather than sticking on with them. In this article we won’t be talking about breaking of resolution but to familiarize you with the craziest resolutions that we have come up with this year of 2020.

  • Throw a dart on the world map and go there

It is a very innovative way of choosing your location of travel. Spin the globe and throw darts and wherever it hits that is the place of visit. It will help you to travel to newest places rather than sticking to the places we are well acclimatized to.

  • Perform one act of kindness everyday

Compassion and love; these two things have been missing in our lives. This year, ring in the bell by showing compassion towards people who are in need. One act of kindness will help you in a number of ways. It will make you stress free and these kind of small acts have a feel good factor attached to them.

  • Reconnect with an old friend

Friends have been limited to Facebook and Instagram now-a-days. It is more of a virtual friendship rather than real ones. Let us take time out from virtual world and connect with old friends in real life.

  • Try out new recipe every month

Recipes are good stress busters and help to take the loads of stress off your mind. Expand your culinary horizons by taking up new challenges and pull yourself out of the regular food stuff.

  • Quit Smoking

It might not be the craziest resolution for a normal person but for chain smokers it certainly is. Smoking kills and let it not kill you this year. Try to pack it up and throw it out of the window of the New Year 2020. You will certainly gain something out of it.

  • Try to have outside food once a month

We have got accustomed to outside food to the extent that we can’t stay away from it and this has not helped us but has contributed to the downfall of our health. Let us handle this issue this year and keep ourselves fit and healthy by gorging in home cooked food.

  • Love your body
Body positive illustration with woman.

We should respect and love our body. Otherwise our body would stop loving us and we would be engulfed in a lot of serious health problems. Go for regular checkups, start exercising and start being confident with the body shape you have, rather than following the herd. Learn to dress according to your body shape, don’t stop eating to fit into a dress, instead eat right.

  • Meditate

Focusing is a key element of meditation. Don’t get distracted. If you are focused in your daily life the chances of attaining your goal increases. It would also help you soothe your senses and calm you down.

  •  Sleep 8 hours every day

Make it a point to sleep 8 hours a day. There are many devices that promote sleep and monitor our sleep pattern. Listen to soft music to soothe your senses and help you to fall asleep. This year make it a habit to work on your sleep pattern as sleep is very essential for relaxation of your body, for better metabolism and it also helps the body to recover.

  • Block yourself from social media for 2 hours daily

Cut yourself off from the social media 2 hours daily. It will help you to focus on a lot many things that would otherwise be pending because of your addiction to constantly monitor Facebook or Instagram.

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