Toilet Cleaner Robot For A Hygienic Sparkling Toilet

Toilet Cleaning….Plus Robots….hmmm…..Output…Toilet Cleaner Robot 🙂


Well, toilet cleaning is a chore, that I can easily bet, that most people detest doing. I mean nobody would want to put his/her hands to clean the toilet bowl, to get sparkling, germ-free toilet. You give me the name of one person who would like to do this work. Thinking….Still Thinking…well not to mention it is a different case if that person is getting paid in dollars and that too in a very large denomination. HaHa…Then the case differs…I Agree 🙂


And robots are another set of the invention, which augment our philosophy that you can get them to do anything to everything with just the touch of a button.


Now sit back and read carefully, this robot is a “Toilet Cleaner Robot”. What the heck!! You might be feeling, I can understand your feeling my friend. But let me enlighten you with what I am talking about.


Well, this toilet robot cleaner product name is “Spinx”(Cool na!!) Ok, I could see your face, hehe, not able to wait to hear more. Wait, my friend, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”. (Now, here the great work I am hinting about is your toilet cleaning work and perseverance that I said is, you still waiting to understand the features….haha…Oopps…frowning lines, I could see them, Okay without much ado, let me brief you on the features….:))


Well, this robotic toilet cleaner, self-sanitizes the toilet bowl and the toilet seat in just 90 seconds, leaving it spic, span, and germ-free. The robotic toilet cleaning arm would spit out water and soap, and spin and clean the toilet bowl thoroughly. Also, it will spray the soapy water on the toilet seat and jet spray will dry it afterward, thus making it 99.9% germ-free and clean.


Luxurious experience with just the press of a button. Marvelous innovation, I just love it…What about you….I ordered mine, what about you 🙂

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