To claim airlines for money back – Use Airhelp

When people book air tickets for their travel, sometimes the flights may get delayed or cancelled or overbooked. In such cases, the airlines need to return certain amount back to the people. Many people may not be aware of the procedures to claim the money back from the airlines or the airlines hardly support them. There is a company named ‘AirHelp’ which takes care of all these procedures on behalf of you.

People can use the ‘AirHelp’ mobile App or the website to check if they are eligible for the claim by mentioning all the details about the flight booking like reason for the claim (delayed, cancelled, overbooked), flight origin, destination etc. Once you are eligible, AirHelp will take care of all the paperwork, chase the airlines and even take them to court if they refuse to pay the compensation.


AirHelp charges certain percentage of amount people get back from airlines as their fee. If the case was not successful, then AirHelp will not charge even a penny from people.

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