ThreadRobe for hassle free folding of clothes

After doing Laundry, I generally am in no mood to iron, fold and properly store my clothes. Outcome, piles, and piles of clothes heaped in one place and one bedroom just occupied by your clothes. It then takes one full day to fold and store? What the heck !! I abhor this entire process of doing laundry followed by stacking properly. Come closer, read properly:)

What if I say, there is an automated furniture to take care of your folding, ironing, and stacking. Zapped!! Eyes popping out… HeHe!! Worry no more my friend, I will divulge the secret. So, this futuristic design has been developed for people who just love to simplify things in life and this is one of them. Threadrobe sorts and hangs each product and as per user specification it will steam and make it wrinkle free ready to wear. And the best part is, you can schedule your wear without having to bother about what to wear on which date.

Just mark it on the downloaded app and it will do the rest for you, so you will fresh smell, wrinkled free clothes. What more you can ask for? The app also gives the composition of your wardrobe and also displays data to let you know how to wear your clothes. Also, it comes in a variety of colors that would gel with your surroundings. Also, to install you don’t need any plumbing or venting. Cool right !!! Threadrobe, Futuristic product, For Smart people. Make life simple, Switch to Threadrobe.

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