The world’s first Wireless Microphone & Audio Recorder -Mikeme Pocket

Technology is a vital part of our life and with passing years innovation has become a crux of our existence. We are evolving by leaps and bounds into another frontier with technological improvements which were earlier considered as a mere figment of our imagination. Once which used to be just our thoughts are slowly transforming into reality and all thanks to the technological advancements.

Mikeme Pocket is also one such innovation which was born out of creativity. It is the first smart wireless audio recorder and comes with a clip-on microphone. It has been created for the professionals who are into journalism, film making, video graphing and content creation. This kind of device is very beneficial for them and lets you concentrate on what is in front of a camera than thinking about the sound so much. Mikeme app helps you to control all audio aspects like level of sound, etc. with your smartphone. If you shoot with your smartphone the video and audio will automatically sync, also it is that hassle-free. As it doesn’t require any additional receivers it is very easy to carry anywhere, anytime. It can work as a standalone recorder as it captures 96 kHz/24-bit qualities on 16GB of internal storage.

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