The Wigbold – Chef’s Knife lifetime sharp

The knife is a very important aspect of cooking. Without a knife, it becomes very difficult to work around in the kitchen and for Chefs, it is a lifeline. For Chefs’ it is a very important part of their kitchen tools.

Why do Chefs go for the sharp-edged knife? How important is sharpness for them? Well, ask any and you will know why. The sharpness will determine the consistency of the cut, the more consistent is the cut the more uniform heating gets and cooking will take place. Also, whenever they need to hold a knife they should feel the comfort and they should get a firm grip which will help them to make consistent dices of the vegetables without any slippage. Also, the material should be high-quality stainless steel which should be resistant to corrosion.

Well, Wigbold that we are talking about is made from the strongest German stainless steel material. It is trusted by Michelin Star Chefs. It has been designed in such a way that, it fits in your hand perfectly. It is easy to clean. It lasts for a lifetime and a perfect balance has been achieved in terms of sharpness and strength. Weight is 220 gms, so whether your hand is light or heavy it is easy to catch and use. The honeycomb pattern ensures that there is no slippage while you are cutting, thus gives an anti-slip grip feature. It is accompanied with matching sharpening stone to maintain the knife’s cutting edge. A knife which will serve you for a lifetime. BUY NOW!!

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