The weirdest and coolest gadgets of 2020

Every year we are coming up with new gadgets which are beyond our imagination. The technology has improved rapidly and so has our way of perceiving things. We have embraced technology in our daily life as it has improved our lives and made it better, simpler, uncomplicated and convenient.  The way the technology has crept into our lives  it has become indispensible. From the time we open our lives to the time we go to sleep we are surrounded by technology driven gadgets.

Every year thousands of gadgets are coming up which are beyond our comprehension. We are coming up with these gadgets to make our life simpler. The chores that used to take hours to finish are finishing in jiffy. All thanks to new and progressive technology and in turn application of that technology in making of new age cutting technology gadgets.

CES every year showcases such innovative and unique gadgets and some of them which have caught my eye I would be penning it down in this article.

  • Get tattoos inked without having to worry about the pain. This smart tattoo can help you to get it done without the hassle of going through the needles or pain. This smart tattoo machine would help you to get yourself tattooed without having to worry about the problem which comes for removing it. It is temporary, quick and easy to print. This hand held gadget is called Prinker S. Select the design you would like tattooed in that app and get it printed. Simple and quick. Customize your tattoo as per your need by going into the customization section.
  • We are living in the age of toxic fumes. Every day we are losing many lives to pollution and this is going to get worse. This AoAir Atmos will help the user to inhale fresh air in every breath. Strap it to your face and it will do the rest. It ourifies the air and saves you from the perils of air pollution. This futuristic gadget is surely a boon to your health.
  • Have you ever given it a thought that the kitchen gadgets are also becoming quite innovative. Well this voice-activated faucet will make your life much easier when your hands are soiled. You don’t have to think about opening the tap with hand anymore, just give commands or it also comes with sensors which activate it. It will also give you the amount of water asked for and the temperature asked. It dispense the amount of water that you ask thus making your life simpler and reducing the water wastage which is the need of the hour.

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