The top 5 Cell Phones for 2020

We are heading into the 3rd decade of the 21st century with a lot of hopes and aspirations. Many of us are fond of making life enjoyable and to do that we go all out sometimes. Cell phones went through a lot of incredible transformations in the current decade. We moved on from heavy phones with huge batteries to lightweight Smartphones with smaller batteries than their predecessors. We are now excited to know about the upcoming top mobile phones in 2020. Let us see what we have here.

1. Samsung Galaxy F 2

Korean giant Samsung is coming up with Samsung Galaxy F2 that has a 6000 mAh battery limit. Cosmic system 11 with the complete bezel-less show and Galaxy F2 with the foldable interface, 2020 is going to be an exciting year for Samsung telephones.

2. Nokia 10

The most expected one from Nokia in 2020 is Nokia phones with 5G innovation in 2020. On the optical front, the Nokia 10 will be stacked with a blend of two 48MP focal points on the back (one wide-edge – and one fax) that offer 4-hub OIS, while on the front, clients can utilize the 16MP snapper for selfies and different uses. This is an additional installation for recording 1080p and 4K recordings.

3. Apple iPhone X Fold

Apple never gets tired of experimenting and creating something new for its users always. Apple did not introduce a foldable telephone from Apple in 2019. We came to know that the company has reserved a patent for its foldable gadget. The grapevine says that Apple will present its first foldable telephone called iPhone X Fold in 2020.  This is going to drive the Apple users insane.

4. Google Pixel 5

In this mad rush to gain supremacy in the segment of smartphones, Google does not wish to stay behind anyone. Google is going to launch Google Pixel 5. It is boasted to be one of the best upcoming phones in 2020. Pixel 5 will be a great addition to the list of smartphones.

 5. Sony Xperia 1R/2

We cannot ignore Sony that has given the best cell phones to the world in the last many years. Sony was a pioneer in the electronics market for many years before the advent of its competitors. Despite advertising extensively about its unique products, Sony is lagging way behind in the race. With the new upcoming smartphones, Sony is going to reclaim its territory soon. The Xperia 1R otherwise known as 2 is currently spilled and it will be the first cell phone to have a 5K show with the goals of 5,040 x 2,160 pixels. This one shall have a pixel thickness of up to 899ppi, and a 5k screen on a cell phone. This sounds really crazy.

All these phones are going to have a close battle to gain the top spot but the users shall have a feast as these new entrants have a load of features to offer, where they can joyously decide which one to opt for.  It is very difficult to undermine the quality and features of any of these but we can opt for Samsung or Sony as they have better battery life and superior level of pixel thickness, respectively. Which one would you like to buy?

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