The Remote Dental Monitoring System – A Convenience for Patients & Orthodontists

Orthodontist’s help people keep their teeth clean, repair misalignment, provide braces and take care of the overall dental health of their patients. After a procedure like putting braces, straightening the teeth or even putting aligners, regular checkups are important to check on the progress and how the procedure has benefited the patient. Orthodontists are busy and regular appointments for progress checkups can be a hassle for both the dentists as well as the patients. A Paris based company has set up an app system for orthodontists to remotely monitor the progress of the patient’s dental health after a dental procedure.

The Dental Monitoring System App

This is a simple app that the orthodontists recommend their patients to download on iOS and Android App stores to monitor the dental health remotely. The orthodontists give the patients two pieces of hardware which includes a dental retractor to open the mouth and a smartphone holding receptacle called the ScanBox.

The smartphone app gives the patients instructions to use the dental retractor to open the mouth to make the teeth visible. The patients can then use the ScanBox that holds the smartphone to scan the mouth and teeth and send the images to the orthodontist. There are guiding instructions given to the patients in the form of audio instructions given by the smartphone.

Benefits of the Dental Monitoring System

Pictures of the dental scans and images are sent to a server and then artificial intelligence-based algorithms are used to analyze the data sent to the server. This system limits the visits to the orthodontists’ office for the patients and it helps the dental experts to monitor the progress of any procedure and also monitor the dental health of the patients. Problems like poor dental health and hygiene, misalignment and other dental problems can be monitored remotely by the dentists and orthodontists via this App.

In today’s modern technologically advanced age it is a good idea for dental professionals and patients to use such technology to remotely monitor the dental health of patients. This helps in maintaining good dental health and also is very convenient for dentists and patients.

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