The new version of the Xbox series X is here!

One of the good things about gaming consoles compared to PC gaming rigs is that they are often far more compact. This is usually something that has been a touch unclear when it involves the forthcoming Xbox Series X, which, for home theatre enthusiasts, could cause touch fear in terms of fitting it into their setups. Microsoft has now cleared this side of things by, naturally, comparing the dimensions of its new gaming box to a refrigerator. This Xbox series represents a mini-fridge with its length and breadth dimensions and very compact to use. It is one of the coolest technical gadgets created by biggie Microsoft.

Xbox X Series

Although Microsoft has already taken the wraps off its forthcoming Xbox Series X console, it hasn’t been completely clear from renders of the console exactly what its dimensions are. For home theatre enthusiasts, this might be a possible issue. Still, Microsoft has now cleared that up, albeit during a rather unorthodox manner. Compared to the fridge, which stands at 70-inches tall, the Xbox Series X stands vertically at 11.85-inches (30.1 cm) tall. Because the Xbox Series X adopts a vertical stance as its default orientation, this makes it noticeable taller than the present Xbox One X, which stands at just 2.4-inches (6.1 cm) tall, and therefore, the PS4 Pro which comes in at 2.17-inches (5.5 cm). Of course, during a vertical stance, the Xbox Series X features a significantly reduced overall footprint, which is undoubtedly why Microsoft opted for this approach.

Another reason Microsoft opted for the upright stance for the Xbox Series X is that it allows the air-cooling system to draw air through the rear of the device and vent it out through the highest. It’s not dissimilar to the approach that Apple adopted for its 2013 upright standing ‘trashcan’ Mac Pro. What is going to be interesting, however, is what proportion noise it makes when it’s custom AMD Xen 2 8-core CPU and Custom AMD 12 Teraflop RDNA 2 GPU is cranked up to 100%. Hence

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