The new Twin Turbo Furious 300+: record-breaking Bugatti for your wrist

The new Twin Turbo Furious 300+ is a masterpiece wristwatch created by Watchmaker Jacob &Co and carmaker Bugatti. This watch is an inspiration for a hypercar “the Chiron Super Sport 300+”. This product was launched on 2nd August 2019. Get this fantastic watch fast as it is released in a finite rush of three units.

Twin Turbo Furious 300+ comes with two unique features .i.e. a combined chronograph and a decimal minute repeater. The Twin Turbo Furious 300+, every ten minutes after the hours and before the minutes, it chimes. It also comes with an anti-reflective domed sapphire on both sides and manufactured with a 57 mm carbon and black DLC titanium case. The chiming is protected with a double mechanical safety feature. This watch consists of about 832 parts with the triple-axis made of black titanium. It has a high-speed tourbillion at a speed of 30 seconds for significant accuracy to prevent the effect of gravity and double triple-axis with 75 jewels. The watch is made to achieve 50 horsepower and at a frequency of 30 Hz.

Bugatti was the first carmaker to reach a speed of 300 miles per hour. Andy Wallace, Le Mans winner set the world record 304.773 mph (490.484 km/h) with Chiron Super Sport 300+. To celebrate this happy occasion, Jacob & co and Bugatti collaborated in making this Twin Turbo Furious 300+ inspired by the carbon fiber featured design of Chiron Super Sport 300+. Twin Turbo Furious 300+ is another product manufactured with this partnership. Jacob & Co said that we got a partner who has a similar mind of making the products with pure luxury and makes a super powerful product that holds the Bugatti name. This watch costs about 580,000 USD. Only three units were made the same as how Bugatti manufactures their cars.

Jacob & Co and Bugatti owner signed a contract to create two ultra-exclusive timepieces in 2019. The watches they made after collaborating are Epic X Chrono and Twin Turbo Furious. Both the watches were inspired by the spirit of Bugatti hypercars.

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