The hearts of India Weakened in the last 25 years: Why?

The mortality rate due to heart ailments declined by a whopping 41% in the USA in the last 15 years whereas the same went up by 34% between 1990 and 2016. This definitely is an alarming change for India which is not good for the current generations and the future because the ill health will pass onto the posterity through these disease affected genes.
Many are the reasons for this alarming growth in heart diseases in India.

Some of them are:
Sedentary Lifestyle
Consumption of excessive alcohol and tobacco
Eating high cholesterol and processed foods
Lack of regular physical activity
A paradigm shift in personal lifestyles
Hereditary Cardiovascular diseases
The growing competition among the youth to make it big quickly
All these are only a few known reasons for the highlighted whereas there are many hidden serious reasons for this growing menace in India. A paradigm shift in the way Indians lived until the 90s is one of the major reasons for heavy stress on the minds and hearts of the youth of India today.

There has been a visible change in the thought processes of Indians since the late 90s. The spending power of many increased which indirectly triggered a race among youngsters to compete with them at any cost. They have come under huge pressure to perform or succumb which led to growing stress on the minds. The competitive spirit also caused the rise in cardiovascular problems in kids and teenagers which is not a good sign for the future of India.

The general tendency to retire in the late 50s and settle down peacefully is no longer prevalent in Urban India. Even those who used to retire from their professions in the 50s are choosing to have second terms to earn more for comforts and pleasure.

For reasons whatsoever, the growing numbers of heart diseases across the globe has alarmed the World Health Organization and they, in turn, alerted all the nations including India to initiate damage control.

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